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Friday, 25 September 2009

Fame for Gardener Bunny!

A first! One of the bunnies, who left The Warren as few weeks ago, has gone on to achieve fame all on her little own-some. Gardener Bunny went to live with Biddle Bear and now has her own web page! HERE

There is a whole gallery of pictures showing her with Biddle (who seems to be sporting another very smart sweater) and them both planning what to grow in the allotment.
The Bunny Maker is overwhelmed - raising bunnies is very challenging. Some of them are so unruly. Gardener was always so dedicated to her gardening studies so it is wonderful to see her going on to do something like this. Autumn is approaching so we hope that she will enlist Biddle's help with the digging!


  1. John will be off to the allotment soon with gardener Bunny. Wendy and I will go to take photos and maybe give them a hand

  2. perhaps she could let me know whether tis best to leave my hostas to die back on their own or chop off their scruffy dead leaves? I suppose if I had bunnies they'd nibble them back for me?