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Friday, 25 September 2009

Tea Towels are very useful ...

They are..... useful. Very. You can dry things with them. You can also get fantabulous ones. I was given a pack of two for my birthday this year (from the sproglets) but they seemed too nice to use. I found them lurking upstairs yesterday and gave them a wash to get rid of that new, stiff feeling they have.
As it was lovely and sunny (and I've given up the tumble dryer) I hung them on the washing line, back to back to save space.
Spradoing! An idea!

Pillow case!
"How cute for the kids", you say.
Er ..... actually that's going on MY bed! It is true - I just can't grow up. It'll be on the bed along with my snow monster, plushie red blood cell and other assorted weird things.

And so begins my tea towel obsession .......


  1. I love it! Now to find some tea towels half that cute. (I have never grown up either.)

  2. Love that fabric, makes an ace pillow!

  3. Well, you probably won't notice this old bag lady stranger popping into your comment spot, but I found you by accident... how did I find you? I forget.. OH I know, I know.... it was because you had put a comment somewhere I was, that's it! Clear now?
    Anyway, I love this blog, love the heading and the title and the colourfulness.. thanks for a cheery read.

  4. Love these teatowels! I've just passed you a little award: http://cowdycalling.blogspot.com/2009/09/focus-on-folksy-4.html