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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Busy, busy. busy

Busy. Very busy. Mustn't grumble though. Or am I just busy because I've yet to fill out my tax return and it is hanging over me. Obviously I'm too busy to get round to it.
So - what has been going on? Well, my workroom floor is a mess for a start ...

It looks even worse today as I've been finishing off all the Christmas decorations. I'm really pleased with them and especially with how the pictures have turned out. Lighting is always a problem for me but I have solved the problem. My lovely neighbour has a beach hut in her garden. Yes. Nowhere near the beach though. It is painted a lovely blue and white stripe and white on the inside. Perfect. Even on a gloomy woomy day, such as today, the light inside is bounced around and turns out really well in a picture.
I've also got Halloween out of the way this week too. Not in a big way. Just a few token items.

A classic white skully and, of course, some bats! Somehow I've still managed to keep the 'Half an Acre' feel with the eyes.

Also up my sleeve are the new Party Girl and Outer Space stencil kits, Robot & Rocket mobiles and some girlie hearts and stars. Here's a quick preview of some of the stencils....

Anyway, I'm too busy for all of this blogging!! More coming soon .......


  1. Absolutly love your spotty stars and hearts- really lovely!

  2. Three thoughts for a busy blogger:

    1.) Your works looks fantastic - I especially like the bats.

    2.) I want a beach hut for my photography. Now.

    3.) Tax return shmax return - that's what the January 'online deadline' is for :).