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Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Party Problem.

I have three small boys. Each boy is in a different class of around 30 children. On average each boy is invited to ten parties over the course of the year. Do the maths. The problem is presents. I have to spend way under £10 for each present otherwise I might have to cancel Christmas and other notable events. Under a tenner means a small box of lego for boys or a piece of crap which gets played with once and then disintegrates into several broken parts. Lego is fabulous but we have half a hundred weight of it. We could seriously open a Lego shop with all of it.
The alternative is yet another football or pair of football gloves but, how many of them can you be given?
So my thought pattern/grumbled words under breath, goes like this:

1. Not another party, boys.
2. I never knew that child was in your class.
3. Do we have to get a present?
4. I'll just haemorage cash then, shall I?
5. What can we get that is under a tenner, not made of plastic and might actually be enjoyed?
6. The nearest good shopping town is a 20 minute drive for heavens sake and I have all my millions of 'work' things to get done. mutter mutter

Now I have the answer! A Hotdog Doggie from my pal HotdogandMe!! They come all wrapped up with tissue, ribbon and nice bit button fastening, with a name tag and a big of yummy doggy treats. You don't even have to rewrap! What more could you ask for?
To date we have bought all the below and given all except two away....
And the very first one we bought, which we still have ....

Jeremy Beagle!

Even better is that you can get custom orders! YAY! This below is Ron - made to the specific requirements of my 6yr old for his birthday yesterday. He looked very smart in his birthday party gear.

(Do you like the cake? You have no idea how much trouble that caused me and that is not the first doggie cake I made that day. My advice? No matter how tempting a recipe is, stick to 'Deliah's all-in-one Sponge' ALWAYS and do not be tempted by the idea of replacing flour with grated butternut squash to make a chocolate roulade. No, no, no. Recite after me; Deliah, Deliah, Deliah, always Deliah.)

I already have several requests from small boys for more dogs - most notably the 'Skelly Dogs' so that will be some Christmas pressies all taken care of as well. So, Hotdog and Me - you're going to need to get a-making!


  1. What a lovely cake. Did you create the design yourself? The most popular book in our house is a Cadbury's birthday cake collection, passed down a generation - the old reliable trains, castles etc.

  2. Yup I made it up as I went along!!

  3. Well, they are cute aren't they? And with so many to choose from, and maybe more additions as time goes on, you could be sorted with pressie ideas for years to come.

  4. Buying for little girls is easier!

  5. Hotdog - is a lovely lady who deserves all the praise she gets!!

  6. Aren't Hotdog doggies just too adorable. I love, love, love the one I have. Now, why don't you give away the darling rabbits you make, she wonders as she tries not to think about butternut squash.

  7. *cheeks going slightly pink*
    aw shucks, thanks for such a wonderful write up. I am bowled over. :D

  8. Fabulous write up and yay for handmade pressies :) And the cake looks yummy too!