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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Out and about.

Today was a sale day. Sometimes I do wonder why I bother but I guess one has to show willing! No, it wasn't too bad it as just that I was exhausted. Dog tired. Pooped. Knacked. Why? I've no idea.
The stall looked pretty pukka though ....

The first of the sock snakes came along to help. His name was Green-tongued Snake because his ..er tongue was green.

Here he is being a promo card holder. I'm not sure whether he was inviting or off-putting and I had to keep reminding him NOT to keep tickling hands with that green tongue of his. This is his 'I'm a cute snake, please give me a home' pose.

He did a sterling job until SOMEONE BOUGHT HIM!!
I was gutted! Okay, it was to be expected as he did have a price on and he was very lovely and stripey but it was quite a wrench to see him go nonetheless.

Widget was there as well. He stood there all day, next to the picture on the sockbunny cards, looking proud and dignified. He is always the bunny that people want to buy - must be the rakish scarf.

About ten bunnies went off to new homes today and, of course, Green Tongued Snake. I hope they will all be okay tonight in their new homes ....


  1. Your space looks amazing! Well done on the sales too :)

  2. Oooh, your stall looks fab! I'm not surprised Green Tongue Snake was sold - he looks so cool and he's useful! Good to hear lots of sock bunnies found new homes too.

  3. Lovely to meet you today at the event!

  4. loving the snake. Is he feisty enough to beat off winter draughts do you think?

  5. what a beautiful looking stall-the kind of stall hubby would have to drag me past really quickly in fear of having to remortgage x

  6. I can see why green tongued snake got sold.. he looks awesome! you need another one or two more =)

  7. The Crafts House28 October 2009 at 13:46

    i just read your interview on handmade..so true about people thinking handmade is more expensive, but to have that one of a kind handmade item made just for them is much more special!! Love your handmade goodies

  8. The stand looks fantastic. I just love your stuff. Lots of people comment on the bird I have hanging on my back door and I always point them in your direction.