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Sunday, 25 October 2009


The festive season has started. It has. Because I say so. Today was the first of the 'physical sales' and the Marvelous Bunny Meadow was dusted off and laid out for the first time since the summer.

It was a very busy event - lots and lots of bunnyless people - and quite a few bunnies went off to new homes. The first of the Sock Snakes came along ..... he looked after the promo cards for me.

I don't who's idea it was to let the snakes in but it seems that they are here to stay. Oh well. This one was of the Green-tongued variety. A very tickley green tongue too. I did feel a bit of a wrench when he was bought, I nearly said 'He's not for sale' but I managed to let go.
I am still a bit sad.
Watch out for snakes in store soon!
Widget also came along .... I told him not to sit down there with the bunnies or someone would snap him up in no time!

Can you spot him?


  1. They look fab - I love the way you've set your stall with the grass

    Can't see widget though :| LOL

  2. Oh he's next to the red bag isn't he?

  3. Your stall leaves me green with envy - it looks absolutely fabulous.