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Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Widget has been a busy bunny over the last two weeks! He has been off to Cornwall and had a very exciting visit to The Eden Project. Murky and Issabow came too as they wanted to see what sort of houses were on the market down there.
Murky found it amusing to scuttle around exclaiming "What murky weather we are having today!" and Issabow just snuggled deeper into her purple, fluffy scarf. There were lots of people about and it was a bit dangerous for such small creatures on the pathways!

Widget found lots of good spots in which to have his photo taken!
It was pretty warm inside the main Biome and he almost had to take his scarf off! I've been trying to get it off him for ages because, between you and me, if needs a darned good wash.

He got into a bit of a tight spot in the Mediterranean Biome.

The Bunny Maker's boys got busy in the halloween themed tent, making spells and putting their hands into slimy, dark places ....

There were lots of amazing things to see such as the giant junk man and The Nutcracker which illustrates just how much energy has to go into processing something as small as a hazelnut.

Everyone agreed that they would like one of the below very much but couldn't seem to find one in the gift shop. Perhaps they had sold out.


  1. We went there a few years ago it is a unique place

  2. I think this is my new favourite blog - I am now an avid follower of the sockbunny/meerkat troop! Must. Go. And. Do. Some. Work...

  3. I love the sock bunnies and their friends the meerkats are so cute!!