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Thursday, 5 November 2009


The postman just came bearing parcels full of wonderful goodies.

HotdogandMe had sent us a sock toy making kit! The idea is to make something and put it up for sale into the Crafteroo Children In Need shop on Folksy to raise money for the charity. We are not going to make a Widget-style bunny because the kit contains exciting bags of buttons and felt.

Murky and Issabow are hoping we make a Meerkat baby for them so I'll have to have a little 'life talk' with them - ahem.
Also to be opened was a heavy box from Moo.com. We are all blown away by the way you can pick your designs from the Moo designers pages and make them into cards, stickers etc. The bunnies chose 25 designs for cards to keep them going throughout the year. You can even put a different message inside each card. Awesome.
This is not a very good picture of them as all the bunnies were spreading them out and kept slipping off the table and generally being a bit silly.

It cost £20.99 for 25 cards - under £1 each - much cheaper than the shops and with original designs that you don't see everywhere. (How bored are we of Phoenix cards?). Gotta love that penguin!

Also from Moo ..... dun dun duuuuun .... Widget's Christmas cards!! He was so over-excited that he kept skidding on them and slipping off the table.

Moo have been very impressive so far - these cards came within the week and are really nice quality. I used their Minis to make labels for my Half an Acre wooden stuff ..
If anyone has seen my ball of red and white baker's twine (used for the string in the pic) please could they let me know! I bought if from Flurogoddess on Folksy and it came on a cute wooden peg but I can't find it anywhere! I use it ALL the time and it's gone under a pile of paper somewhere and is nowhere to be found.

From next week you will be able to buy one of Widget's cards and a christmas carrot from the shop on Folksy and have it sent to the person of your choice. Very cute if you sent someone a sockbunny earlier this year.


  1. How wonderful

    BTW I have nominated your blog (see my blog)

  2. eeek - a baby meerkat? good luck with the talk!

    Love the bunny cards, I was very pleased with the greetings cards Moo printed for me.

  3. Those bunny cards are so cute, I have yet to try moo but this post alone might've sold me on them! Next time I need to order anything, Moo is something I'm trying out :)