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Thursday, 5 November 2009


Good news! My orange skull and crossbones came second in the Craftjuice.com Halloween competition - second to the totally deserving Brian the Sockdog from my online chum Hotdogandme. Everyone needs a sock doggie, just as they need a sockbunny. Well done Hotdog!

I've been a little quiet of late, me thinks. *yawn* *stretch*. Last week was half term and we actually 'went somewhere'. Somehow it has always been too much of an effort and all too much money to go anywhere else bar the Isle of Wight. All has changed though - collectively we were desperate to 'go away' so we went to Cornwall and very lovely it was too. We stayed at Gwel an Mor and it was fab. Our lodgy thing was lovely - very, very clean and cosy AND best of all we had a hot tub on the balcony! Three small boys liked that very much. There were wildlife things to go on and the boys got to fly the barn owl, handle the grass snake and feed the rescue foxes.

We went to The Eden Project on the way home which was truely awesome and full of arty visual things which got me ooing and ahhing.

The Core was one of the buildings to visit on the site, as well as the two famous Biomes, and was our favourite place because it housed The Seed and The Nutcracker.

I felt a bit over-emotional watching the video about the making of The Seed. Carved from a mahooosive single block of granite by one man and lowered into place through the building's roof all with accompanying stirring and though-provoking music, followed by much man-hugging and back-slapping when it was finally in place. Very moving. I hope no-one noticed!

Now we are back home and on the 'lunchbox-where-are-my-trainers-I-needed-to-make-a-75cm-roman-shield-and-a-3D-Kensuke's-Island-just-take-a-school-top-out-of-the-laundry-basket' trail again. After emerging from under a pile of laundry I am now under a pile of receipts and papers trying to spread-sheet Half an Acre (nope I haven't done it all along like I should have) before I tackle The Tax Return. I'm even doing monthly sales reports. Some months have only two entries but I'm looking on it as being less work. I'm a glass-half-full kinda gal.
I have lots more to blog about but I must get on with the paperwork - I'm leaning on it right now and the piles are slumping sideways and threatening to merge into one, big avalanche of A4.
More later - as always!


  1. well done in the competition - I do like your skull and crossbones.

    I bet you had a great time in Cornwall.

    I remember Gwel an Mor when it was the Opps Room, about 20-25 years ago. It used to be a club/disco. It's in a great spot, overlooking the village and bay.

  2. Oooh playing with wildlife! Sounds brilliant. I'm not a small boy, but do you think I'd be allowed to do it too?