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Tuesday, 10 November 2009


The Warren is always very happy to hear from their friends in Holland, Tessa and Little Spotty. A while ago Maureen Sockbunny travelled to live with them ....


A while ago Maureen arrived in Sheidam.
They're as happy as bunnies can be.
Both of them are hopping around the house
Little Spotty and Maureen both typed an email to you and the other bunnies
They also wanted me to send some pictures with this email.
So I did!

Hello Bunnies,
A while ago the mailman delivered a package from the U.K.
As a as curious I was, I hopped around the package hoping that Tessa will open it.
And she did.
She slowly opened the package and then, a sockbunny hopped out!
It was Maureen!
Tessa bought her as a present for me, so that I have a bunny friend.
Maureen and I, we immediately hopped around the house looking for Tuc Sandwich biscuits.
Little Spotty

Hello little bunny friends of mine,

As my new friend already e-mailed, I'm living in Holland now with Little Spotty and a her nice friends.
I was very happy when the travelbox was opened.
Immediately I hopped out of the box and saw Little Spotty. I was very happy to see a bunny.
The long journey made me very hungry, so we hopped around the house looking for Tuc Sandwich biscuits. "But there aren't any Tuc Sandwich biscuits", said Tessa.
I think she hid them from me! So, when she leaves the house, I'm going to sneak around looking for some Tuc Sandwich biscuits.
Lots of love,

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  1. Borrel notjes are just as nice as Tuc biscuits :o)