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Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Our new bunny filling arrived today. We have graduated from buying one bag, at the local fabric shop, to three bags to 1kg from ebay to ....... 10kg of bunny innards!
It arrived just a minute ago.

Pretty big, huh? And heavy too. So we opened it.

Wooooooof! Look what it did! Like when you add sulphuric acid to sugar. (Son No.1 is into this at the moment). Everytime we touch it is gets higher and higher, so we've stopped er ....touching it. Now the problem is this: more and more people are buying bunnies and the stock needed is getting bigger and bigger. Boxes of boxes, 12' high bags of filling, 200 socks waiting to be bunnified. The Bunny Makers room is JUST NOT BIG ENOUGH. The bunnies are offering to build an extension out of old copies of Country Life (Murky and Issabow are using them to house hunt and I haven't the heart to tell them that they won't have enough money for any of them).

But, aside from all this these questions have popped into the Bunny Makers head this morning:

1. Just how many bunnies will all that stuffing make?
2. How high will it get if we 'touch it' again?
3. How scary will it be to realise that I have used up ALL that stuffing?
4. Would it be more amusing if it was pink?
5. Will a nice, strong, hot cup of coffee help?


  1. Your bunnies are adorable! It would be really fun to jump in all that stuffing.

  2. You are so funny! Love your sock bunnies and glad I found you through the French Bear. I'll be back to visit often!
    bunny hugs,

  3. I know just how you feel Widget. I buy my filling in bulk too, usually from a local Bradford firm. Mine is in th ecorner behind the sofa covered in a blanket with furry chaps sitting on it. They don't like it when I have to move them!

  4. Country Life? Seems to me like Murky and Issabow have got ideas above their station in life.