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Friday, 13 November 2009


EEEEK! The snakes seem to be arriving, a sure sign of autumn. It's getting a bit parky out at night now so they have slithered and slipped in to curl up in front of The Warren fire. Cheeky things!

This is Slipper. He looks like he's just had a very hot chilli but he really only eats Oreos dipped in milk. He arrived this morning - I opened the front door and there he was, trembling. The poor thing got lost in the dark and it was the only safe, high spot he could find. He said he didn't like the big shiny cheese thing shining in the sky but he couldn't close his eyes, to shut it out, as he doesn't have any eyelids!! Since then he's been sleeping on top of the hot water tank.

Rumple Snake Skin is a sock snake who feels he is misunderstood. He is a big softy even though he looks a little fierce.
The bunnies have been mesmerized by his swirly whirly eyes and whole groups of them keep shuffling infront of him whispering. Rumple finds this VERY irritating.
His favourite food is a jolly nice bit of Brie.

This is Rose. She would love to come and live with you. She enjoys hanging around but is very good at pretending to be a draft-excluder although she does worry about getting dusty or stepped on.
Rose is a quiet snake, prone to sleeping for hours on end, only waking for a warm cup of green tea. She says that coffee makes her stripes go wiggly!

All three have posed for their 'Selling Picture', a name made up by the bunnies, and are ready to go off to new homes for Christmas. Everyone's home should have one!

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