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Saturday, 23 January 2010

A thing happens to the Bunny Maker

Yesterday The Thing happened to me again.  The Thing were I end up doing something I had no intention of doing.  I went into my work room to fetch something, forgot what that something was and started a room overhaul instead. 

As you can see from the picture, things always get worse before they get better.  I shifted out some furniture, digging stuff out from underneath like a dog after a buried bone.

Urgh. It was horrible.  At one point I had blocked myself in and with 1 sq ft of floor space and no access to the doorway I was pathetically turning on a sixpence moving piles from one side to the other, neither clearing nor tidying.  Just moving mess.
Then, as suddenly as it was started, it was done .... done dun dun dun duuuun!

There are now 'designated areas'.  Oooooooooo.
This, above, is For Painting and below is For Bunny Making.

It doesn't look a whole lot tidier but you will have to trust me on this one, it IS.

In three days exactly it will look as if there had been no sorting and tidying gone on whatsoever.

I have learnt that I am really, really, really messy.  I moan about the mess round the house, things dumped on surfaces, clothes on the floor. I try to blame it on the boys.  It was an odd realization that 85% of it was created by me.  Damn.

I now know why I started.  I'd been blog browsing and enviously oooing and ahhing over some gorgeous pictures of other people's workrooms.  All white, all shelved with matching baskets in lines and piles upon piles of neatly folded fabric and little jars of buttons.  Aha! I know why!  I exclaimed.  They have soooooo much time because they aren't selling anything, that's what it is! YAY! They can fold and stack and dust and line up all day long.  I, on the other hand, am nestling bunnies into boxes, packaging up, stitching and sewing all day. You see, the messier your workroom, the busier you are and therefore the more successful you are.  Sorted.  Justified.  Job done.

I still haven't remembered what I went into my room for in the first place.


  1. Ha ha ha someone else that moans about the house being a tip! I do that all the time but I'm so messy, when I make something the space on the table gets really small because I just have loads of bits everywhere. As for folding fabric piles I really dont get it my fabric is more like great huge mountains really squashed into boxes with lids that are held down with heavier pieces of fabric!!

  2. what a good girl you are, my room still looks like the inside of a hoarders house, I needed the inspiration to go get it cleaned up!
    Margaret B

  3. I'm supposed to be tidying my "tip" at the mo, but far more interesting being in blog land! Love reading your blogs and about Widget too so I've awarded you the Sunshine Award. You can pick it up from my blog, here:


    Elaine x

    I see Widget can now be passed around as a gift through Facebook - received a Widget "gift" yesterday - brilliant idea!

  4. ROFL! (well, I would, if I could find some floor)

  5. Hahah this is just what I am like. I am so messy and constantly rearranging my room in exactly the same way, leaving myself just the space I am standing in to move... it really needs sorting out again now actually.. hmmm ... *daydreams*

  6. ah, well, ehm, here's your second sunshine award - lots of sunshine coming your way :)

    hello there, i’ve nominated you as one of my sunshine bloggers so please accept this sunshine blog award for positivity and creativity :)

    you can find out more from my blog post at: http://narkeymarkeysblog.blogspot.com/2010/02/for-me-really-how-kind.html