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Monday, 25 January 2010


Little Aubery Sockbunny has gone to live with a dragon!  "Surely that will be dangerous?" cried the bunnies at The Warren.  The Bunny Maker assured them that Eldritch was indeed a dragon but was a very gentle one and needed a friend in the shape of a bunny.
Eldritch was very excited and waited and waited for Aubery to arrive...  even when he did arrive he still had to wait EVEN longer.

Eldritch was very worried.  Aubery would have been in his travelling box for a few days now, surely he must be hungry?  And did he have enough air in there?  He was relieved to see Aubery bounce up out of his box with a big smile on his face.

Eldritch and Aubery were VERY pleased to meet each other.  Eldritch took care to read the instructions included in the traveling box.  He tried on his new bunny badge.

Aubery told Eldritch that he was really, really, really hungry. He'd had to wait at the parcel office overnight and only had some shredded tissue to nibble on.  Eldritch took him out for dinner.

Aubery couldn't believe his luck!  More sweetcorn that he could ever eat AND nachos covered in cheeeeeese! Yummmmmm.
With warm, full tummies the two new friends went happily home for a long, long, digestive snooze.


  1. I totally adore reading about the sock bunnies. They never fail to bring a smile to my face :-)

  2. That is SO sweet! I LOVE the last picture!