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Friday, 29 January 2010

Buddha Bun's New Home.

A little while ago The Bunny Maker received a very interesting and challenging custom bunny order.  A Buddha Bunny.  It had to be yellow and have a peaceful expression - oh, and to be fat, very fat.


He was so fat that he almost didn't fit into his traveling box.  Luckily he didn't weight too much and the postman agreed to deliver him to his new home.  
Today the bunnies received a message from his new owner, the appropriately named Buddist Musician.

"We were very excited to be handed a package this morning by our postman. When I opened it, this serene fellow popped his head out.

As with any new visitor to our house, the dogs had to check him out first. Bryan had a little sniff, but Tilly was a bit nonchalant about the small newcomer.

Buddha Bun decided it was safe to hop out of his box, so introduced himself to Ganesh. They had a very intense conversation (although I couldn't hear what they were saying).

After using all that brainpower, Buddha Bun had a bit of a chillax with Fat Buddha (it's what he does best).

Then, with his energies replenished, Buddha Bun thought maybe he should make friends with the furry, four legged ones as he's going to be living with them now. He snuggled up nicely to Bryan. Tilly was still a little ambivalent about Buddha Bun, even when he snuggled up to her leg and showed her his lovely face.

We are looking forward to lots of adventures with him, and I think he'll have a nice time at our house."

Thank you for sending in the lovely pictures, Buddist Musician!  The bunnies are really happy to see such a lovely new place for him to live but there are a little worried about that doggie Tilly, she doesn't look at all happy about sharing!

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  1. Tilly says: 'Tell the other bunnies not to worry about Buddha Bun. I may have a tough looking exterior, but I am a real softy at heart.'