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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Maud Sockbunny

Little Maud Sockbunny went off to live with SugarandRhubarb, maker of Ninja Sock Kitties, a while ago.  This letter has just arrived for Widget and the bunnies.

Hi Widget,
I've finally found some time to report back on Maud's arrival. She had to travel far to reach us, through the jungle and the snow. 

 On the way she met some friendly creatures, Wilf the Gnome was one, but she soon realised he wasn't her new BFF.

 Finally she found where she'll be spending the rest of her bunny days.. it was a struggle to fit through the letterbox, but she managed it in the end.

 When she got inside she found Itty Bitty The Ninja Kitty and they're the best of friends. Which is great considering that Itty Bitty has always been a bit of a lonely soul... he doesn't play with us much, instead we find strange world domination plans dotted around the house. Anyway Maud seems to be bringing out his more playful side, today they figured out that they can fit into a jar together.... CUTE!!


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