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Friday, 1 January 2010


One of many wonderful things that Facebook does is to put you in contact (a virtual kind of contact) with all sorts of interesting people around the world.  This is what happened to me when I stumbled upon Kitty Pinkstars.  She is very pink.  I'm not very pink at all.  This is a constant source of intrigue for me - because of her pinkness and my lack of it.  I'm more lime green and turquoise.

Kitty started out knitting messages to leave around the place for people to find -here's a link to her flickr gallery >>>> "Street Knitting".  The idea is akin to that of The Toy Society, who leave handmade toys in public places for people to find and give a home to.  I love these ideas.  Out of Kitty's knitting came the Wishing Tree, a more tangible concept for people visit and interact with.  You hang a coloured tag (lots of pink ones available, I'm sure!) onto the tree with a written wish.

If you can't visit the tree yourself you can message Kitty on the Wishing Tree Facebook page and she will hang it on the tree for you.
The tree is location in Upton Country Park, Poole, Dorset.  This is the third tree - the first two were destroyed (don't ya just loathe some people sometimes).  I'm glad to didn't give up after that, Kitty, well done to you for believing in your idea.  Widget and I will definitely be making a visit to it this year - in fact i'm wondering about planning a 'Friends of The Bunny Maker' trip.  Lunch will need to be involved.  *starts putting plan into action*

Here she is making the papers....

Kitty also makes whacky sock creatures (another good reason for liking her) and this link will take you directly to her Etsy shop ...www.kittypinkstars.etsy.com .. where there are some pretty damn cute socky creatures looking like they need home for the coming year.  Toys get loney, you know.
So .... please join the Facebook group and if you live near Dorset why don't you plan a day out, walking in the lovely woods, having lunch and leaving your New Years wish on Kitty's tree.  You never know, it might come true!

You'll have to zoom this map out to get a better view

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  1. followed your link from Folksy. I love this idea. I have seen Buddhist prayer trees and they are amazing, there is always a really calm feeling around them and people whisper when they're near one. Magical. I'm sending her a wish- thank you for pointing this out to us x

  2. Fabulous! I'm not pink either (more red) but I love this whole idea.

  3. p.s. my real name is Anna as well.

  4. Anna, this is a fabulous story!!! Happy New Year!
    Margaret B

  5. Thanks so much for this!!! I love the idea of a friends of the bunny makers lunch too... put me down for it! I hope we get lots of new wishes from this blog! Love Kitty xxx

  6. I love this! its like the the Fairy ribbon tree at Doon Hill (Aberfoyle scotland)I'm off to send wishes

  7. This is brilliant, thanks for posting. Elaine, Ellie's Treasurs.

  8. Fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely have to visit especially since I used to live near Upton Country Park when I was little, and was always one of my favourite places to visit!