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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Gloria Thock Thnake gets ready for her new home.

We had a little flurry of orders in the gap between Christmas and the new year - several bunnies with carrots and the last of the sock snakes too.  Gloria has been purchased.  She was a little sad at being the last snake standing, so to speak, she kept asking if her eyeballs clashed with her snake body, or if her bum looked a bit bit.  Everyone told her that she was a beautiful snake and the perfect home was just round the corner.
She was sooo excited when we told her she had been bought.  Everyone helped to get her ready to travel ...

The Meerkats, Widget and Nosey Mouse were very worried about her being 'tied up'.  It had to be explained that it kept her snakiness together and stopped her sproinging out to her full length while in transit.

They tucked her tongue in last of all and everyone was a bit tearful.  Widget went to get the stapler to do up the package.  Then things went a bit pear-shaped.

The stapler went 'clrunch...clrunch', the black bag enclosed Gloria and Isabow passed out!  It was all too much for her.  Murky didn't know what to do.  Widget vanished and it was left to The Bunny Maker to sort it all out, as usual.
Isabow came round pretty quickly and her and Murky were put back on The Window Sill where they are now living with Nosey Mouse and various other creatures...

Gloria's parcel was put near the front door ready for the trip to the post office.  Air holes were made in the package so that she could breathe and Widget could chat to her and keep her company.
The bunnies are amassing at the front door ALREADY for the send off tomorrow morning when The Bunny Maker takes her to be weighed and posted.

If it's going to be like this everytime a snake leaves the place ......


  1. Gloria is fabulous! I hope Isabow is feeling better now and isn't too traumatised xx

  2. Oh poor Isabow. Is she prone to these fainting fits? Is she getting enough fibre?

    I'm relieved to hear about the airholes!

  3. Aaawwwww...if I'd know buying her would cause such trauma I might have thought twice....naaahhh, I'd still have done it! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

    Can't wait to see Evie's face when she opens Glo on Saturday; it was love at first sight and she hasn't a clue :) I guess 13's not too old for cuddlies, especially when they're reptiles!

    Thanks again - hope the meerkats have had plenty of hot sweet tea to get over the shock.