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Monday, 4 January 2010


My name is Socks. I have arrived safely on the Sunshine coast, Queensland Australia. I am very happy to be here as you can see. I have a wonderful new owner Holly and a dog called Max. We had a great Christmas together as you can see. 

I hope my owners cousin Molly will also send photos of her bunny. 
From Socks

Well, Socks, welcome to the bunny blog, everyone is thrilled to hear from you all the way from Australia.  The bunnies are all over The Bunny Maker's computer, standing on their heads to read this.  Someone told them that everything was upside down in Australia.


 We think Socks is hiding from that big, fuzzy dog there.  Is he safe? Will he get slobbered on?  Does he know there is a dangerous, green parrot nibbling at his ear?  The bunnies are very worried by these things.  Everyone hopes that Socks will get in touch again soon and let us know that he is nice and safe in this new home!

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  1. Glad to hear Socks had a safe journey & is enjoying the good life down under. I particularly like his sparkly gold bow tie, I wonder if you can get them here - or is it just an Australian thing??