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Monday, 4 January 2010


GAH! Everyone else is writing them so I'd better get on and do some... I've got two:

1. To not get inwardly very annoyed when people behind me in the bagel shop cafe queue bagsy a table BEFORE they've placed an order.  Tutting loudly needs to be curtailed too.

2. To not leave the boys' leftover food in their lunch boxes overnight/weekend or holidays. (EWWwwww)

..and i've failed already.  Failed.  Piteously.  It's the first one, you see.  I have soooo much trouble with it.
This morning I bimbled up the stairs in the Horsham Waterstones to my favourite cafe.  The best place for toasted, filled bagels and great coffee in big mugs.  I was behind a lady, both of us heading for the counter to order.  As she passed an empty chair beside the only free table she dropped her gloves (very nice, soft, leather) onto the chair.  She'd only gone and done it!  She'd gone and bagsied that seat at that table before she'd ordered which means that the person who had just paid, and got their coffee, at the front of the queue had NOWHERE TO SIT!  I could feel my indignation rise.  No, no, I must conquer it.  I must not alert her to the fact that she had er .. dropped her gloves, or say 'Don't leave them there, someone might steal them'.  Let is pass, let is pass.  Deep breaths.
HAH! That was a breeze ... see? these resolutions are easy peasy!

When it was my turn, as I was paying for my coffee, I felt a speedy-person sensation behind me.  A short, dumpy lady whipped past and 'thwump' sat in the only vacant seat (after many comings and goings in the cafe) left - MY SEAT - My 'I'm at the head of the queue and get first dibs' seat.  MINE.
I glared.
The girl serving said the usual "Where are you sitting?"
and .... it was too much for me .. the words spilled out ....
"I was sitting there, but someone has barged in and taken it before placing their order".
The people behind me tut tutted.
The counter girl said "Ooo tell me which table, they aren't meant to do that!".
I glared at the short, dumpy, lady.
I turned to the tut tutting people behind me and we all confirmed to each other that it was, in fact, THE most annoying thing EVER when people bags a table without placing their order.  Hurumph.  We were united  in our indignation.
The counter girl said, "I'll tell her to move".
We all glared at the short, dumpy lady.
I said, "No, don't worry", catching sight of another couple leaving a bigger table, "I'll go over there.

PHEW!  I'd ended it there!  Not like the time I out-stared a bloke who'd lumped himself at a table whilst the people with his queued.  I stared - and he offered me the table, which I took, and then felt like a right cow.

This doesn't happen anywhere else but this one cafe?  It turns me into a tut-tutting misery of human nature.

On the bright side I have emptied the boys lunch boxes and put them through the washing machine - they are SHINY CLEAN.  Ask me their state in about 5 weeks time.

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  1. What a cute post! I got such a chuckle from this....reminds me of my sister and me when we were kids- tut-tutting all the time at each other! So I can totally relate.....I have managed to wean myself of the habit...... LOL...