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Monday, 4 January 2010

Widget and Friends opens to Etsy!

Widget and Friends is now open on Etsy and the shop has got it's first 'heart'.

NiftyKnits even hearted the shop when there was nothing in it. And now the second... HotdogandMe!
I knew I could rely on the pair of them!

I'll be adding more and more bunnies this week - followed by some snakes thereafter.  There is no monetary difference between a non-uk resident buying from either Etsy or Folksy bunny shops but I'm hoping that the Etsy shop will expose Widget & Co to more and more people in need of bunny love  :D


  1. Just added my heart to the list too…good luck with your new shop! :)

  2. Good luck with the Etsy store! I've registered there, but not opened the shop yet.

  3. how could we not? you're the answer to a meerkat's lovelorn quest ;-)

  4. cool ... will pop into your etsy store for a look

  5. Just hunted you down in the Etsy jungle - welcome to the gang! x