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Wednesday, 6 January 2010


WOoo HOOoo it's snowing!  I've not seen snow like this since I was the same age as my kids.

We've got a good 8 inches and that car there wasn't going nowhere, sadly.  The kids went back to school on monday and I was all set to 'get things done' - and now, GAH, they are back home again.  Looks like they will be here all week too.  Poo.

Everyone went outside for a big snowball fight, of course!  We live in dead end with some other houses around and several of the kids are at my lots' school - so it was snow wars followed by innning and outing of varying houses, big piles of boots on doorsteps and assorted clothing dripping on radiators.  We had a power cut too and I was a bit annoyed when it finally came back on as I'd planned a barbeque.  Mulled wine heated on the camping stove, sausage and general gung ho all round.  I guess we could have still gone ahead with it.   Perhaps tomorrow I'll insist!


  1. hehe (^_^) they look like they're having fun! Our squids are off too - no school plus heavy snow is putting a stop to everyones plans =P

    But hey! It's pretty :o)

    I hope you get your barbeque!

  2. Me and snow don't get along.. glad we don't get much here where I live! ...and my, I do love that house! O.o