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Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Wow, we do have snow here at The Warren!  The bunnies are all pressing their noses up against the windows wondering if they can get out to make snow bunnies and carrots.  Trouble is that it is deep.  Deep.  Widget did some measuring ...

7 1/2 inches was the declared depth at 9am this morning.  It has carried on all day, gently wafting flakes.  Widget decided that a walk was in order, so he took his Christmas present buddy, Woody, out, making sure he had a cosy scarf on first.


Widget got his ears into his hat and then they were both ready to explore.  The Bunny Maker wouldn't let the other 134 bunnies outside - can you imagine the fuss getting all those scarves and hats on?  Then the frozen ears and chilly tails?  They all lined the window sills to watch instead.

It didn't last long as Widget soon found out that the snow was just too deep for a short bunny.

And as for poor old Woody, can you see him?  Exactly!  They both had to be rescued, brushed down and warmed up inside on the radiator.  The Bunny Maker DID say that snow wasn't really for bunnies, unless the bunny was an Arctic Hare, but sometimes you just have to let them find out these things for themselves.  Did you know that sock bunnies are a bit stubborn?


  1. That would be a lot of scarfs indeed! It's going to snow around here again tonight. Maybe I can go outside. I'm a bigger bear, but I still think I will sink in the snow and get too wet! Hm!

  2. Loralie , lamplighter and George the snake are having a little sulk as very little snow here in Wales x

  3. They are great scarves. Gardener Bunny has one too. Check out our blog

  4. Now Harriet, Checkers and Treacle are demanding hats, scarves and cranraisins....sigh