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Thursday, 7 January 2010


Yesterday saw all sorts of comings and goings at The Warren, amongst them was this email from Father Christmas bunny.

 I was so happy today when I opened the door to see a box waiting.. much to my surprise, a little bunny was inside! A good friend, MimzMum from Alaska had sent me FC as a cheering up gift! He quickly made himself at home, first snuggling in my lap giving me cuddles, then by making his way over to the treats... yummy craisins! Seems he has a taste for them. He's a little scared to meet the resident buns, as he heard crunching coming from that room, but he assures me once a friend of his arrives, he'll be happy to meet them then! (it was lettuce that was being crunched, although he doesn't believe me!)

He wanted everybunny at the Warren to know he made it to Oregon safely, and is right at home, snuggled up with Mouse, the live-in mouse. Don't worry, she doesn't bite.. she's a softie just like FC!

Best wishes from Portland, OR,


The bunnies here are very interested in these 'Craisins' - having not got anything similar here.  "Do they grow underground?", "Are they crazy raisins?" are just a few of the questions that The Bunny Maker is having to find answers to.

Glad you have found a great new home, FC, and that Mouse is going to be a pal for you.  Hope you'll be sharing that there carrot!

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  1. Craisins are dried cranberries, and bunnies just adore them! Not just sock bunnies, but real buns too!