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Thursday, 7 January 2010

A trip to the post office.

Just when the boys were finally back at school - the school was snowed shut.  So, they are all back home again - damnations.  Everyone was getting cabin fever and therefore it was decided that 'A Walk' was what was needed.  The Warren has had a few sales in the last week and, as the car is firmly frozen to the drive, the only way to get to the post office was on foot.

Widget found the snow a bit deep so hitched a lift in the backpack along with the parcels containing five very excited bunnies, all snug in their boxes.


Luckily we can walk out of our house, down the road, across the fields, along the canal, over another field and end up right at the village shop/post office.
(Please don't mention that wongly, hideous hat, he wears it to annoy me.)

 Everyone arrived safely but I don't think the post office is sending off it's post today so the bunnies will be in their boxes until the postman can get there to pick them up.  They all have scarves but only one has a carrot with him.  I hope they'll be okay in their boxes.

See? Such a dedicated service you are receiving from The Warren ..... getting bunnies to their new homes no matter the weather.  Heee heee.


  1. perhaps you need to make a matching hat for widget?

  2. I see we matched blogs! I do like the snow though, and I'm glad you and your offspring are out in it.

  3. I love the boys faces in that second photo!