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Friday, 8 January 2010


Widget decided that, as there was NO FOOD in The Bunny Maker's fridge, he would go and get some.  The Bunny Maker wasn't too happy about it as it is a long way across the fields, having made the trip herself yesterday, and Widget is a small bunny of little stamina.  He went anyway but not before a new, bigger and warmer scarf had been securely tied on.  He also knew that what was needed were sausages, mince, a joint for roasting and some other bits.  This meant .... The Butchers, a place of terror for a small bun.

He hopped off bravely across the fields.  What he didn't know was that The Bunny Maker was following him, just in case.

On the way he came across something very, very confusing.  An enormous snow burrow.  What size bunny dug that? 

He didn't hang around for find out and did his fastest hopping on to the butchers.

Widget finds the butchers a very worrying place.  He asked (even though he has been told loads of times not to because he won't like what he hears) if they sold 'bunny' and the butcher replied 'Yes, they're hanging up in the back'.  He then offered to chop some up!   Widget was horrified. The butcher said that they didn't look like him as they didn't have clothes on!  At this point The Bunny Maker stepped out from behind the shelving and scooped Widget up.  He was shivering with fear.  "Silly bun, I told you not to come to the butchers on your own!".

They bought everything they needed (no rabbit) and Widget was snuggled down into a cosy pocket for the trip back. The Bunny Maker was so impressed with Widget's bravery, not only the long, snowy trip, but going to the butchers all on his own and facing his fears.  Perhaps Widget is a braver bunny than she first thought! 


  1. Yippee for Widget! Hillary says she knew that he could do it! Checkers wants to know if he figured out the bill very carefully. Treacle wants to know if he hit the candy store on the way home.

  2. Hurrah for Widget!! The bravest ickle bun in the whole wide world!

  3. Haha! The shot of Widget in the snowy field is ace! Love it :D

  4. We love widgets new scarf - what a lucky little bunny x

  5. Well done Widget you are a brave Bun

    Biddle and Gardener Bunny send you a big kiss XX