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Saturday, 9 January 2010


This lovely email arrived for the bunnies, from little Cosmos.

Happy New Year to the Warren!

I have had a very exciting time over the last month, first of all a super Christmas card from you made me so excited I didn't stop bouncing until Laura got home to help me open it.  Thank you!

Christmas was even more fantastic than I imagined with pretty lights and extra carrots and then, Santa came! He brought me lots of little parcels and I now have super spare sleeping bags and a pink scarf!  I love them so much!  Santa must've thought I've been a good bunny!

We've had lots of fun out in the snow, although I must remember to wear my scarf outside rather than inside, do you like my snow-bunny-angel?

Love to everybun and hope 2010 is fabulous for you all!

Cosmos xo



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