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Sunday, 10 January 2010


Thank you so much for sending in these great pictures to us, TJ.  The bunnies are still a little worried about those dogs though - they are pretty big, and you are pretty small.....

TJ wanted to let you know our snowfall was very little compare to yours and she is thinking about all the cold buns out there! She also wanted to send a few pictures:

At her first look at the snow, she thought maybe the sky had dandruff, but I explained to her how snow is made in the sky and she thought it was just magical!
She grabbed the ear of the eldest resident bun to go run and take a look. Bucky was quite impressed as well!

TJ had to check on the puppies while she was out, and they were just fine! (She doesn't know the bun-Dad brings them in at night from the cold.)

Before we headed back inside for some hot chocolate, she wanted her photo taken in front of the "mystical woods" as she calls them! Silly bun!
Everybun stay warm and think sunny thoughts! I know we will!

TJ & Rhonda

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