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Thursday, 21 January 2010


"I was sent out to fly over the ocean on the coldest of winter days!
And when I arrived, I was greeted by my old friend TJ! She noticed I still had a chill, as I had been waiting outside in the mailbox most of the day. She said she understood and remembered that same box not long ago! 

So, she made a cup of hot chocolate that was just wonderful! With marshmallows! 

Then we set out to see if any of the house bunnies were up and around. I was so excited to meet the biggest of the house bunnies! This is Emma Rose. She loved for us to pat her nose! How sweet!

TJ noticed I was quite drowsy after my big trip, so she showed me to our bunk beds. Wow! I loved them so much, we had Bun-Mom take our picture before be bedded down.

Whew! It was a long cold trip, but I was so happy to arrive safely and find a friend to greet me! I believe I will love this new place called 'Alabama, USA'! 

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