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Wednesday, 20 January 2010


 This picture wins The Warren award for 'Best Bunny Bottoms'!  It was sent to us from our friend TJ in Alabama who, it seems, has had visitors!

"TJ was so excited to find out two of her friends from overseas lived about an hour away! Their names are Lily Bee and Lullibee. Fortunately, the "Bun-Mom" of the house knows their new Bun-Mom and invited them over!
TJ was so excited, she pulled her bunk beds all the way into the bunny room where the real bunnies live (we don't use the words "real bunny" in front of TJ, she get a little sensitive.)

After TJ introduced her new friends to two of the buns, she said she wanted a group picture. Bun-Mom had to bribe the real buns with food, but TJ and her friends enjoyed watching the buns eat so fast!

After some cartoons and ice cream, I helped take the beds apart so they could have their slumber party with everyone together! What a great time they had, and it really is a small world!"

The Bun-Hut Mom

P.S. Lily Bee and Lullibee belong to Beth Snee, also in Alabama, USA


  1. That last photo is so cute! Love the one of the 'slumber party' in their beds too. Looks like they all had a really lovely day.

    PS I have awarded you all a 'Sunshine Award' over on my blog - take a look and see what it's all about :) http://glamourpussnews.blogspot.com/

    Kate x

  2. how great is that. What brilliant photos