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Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Bunny Bed Give-Away has arrived!

Hello, It's me, Widget.
I've been practicing my ear-typing for ages and am getting quite speedy.  I'm typing on behalf of all the bunnies at The Warren to announce the start of 'The Bunny Bed Give-Away' but, Shhhhhh, don't tell The Bunny Maker, she knows NOTHING about it.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.

She designed little wooden beds for us. These two are the prototypes.  You know, the first ones, ones to make sure they fit and match etc. They even stack to make bunks!  How cool is that?  I wonder just how high they could go!

Anyway - the thing is, there are two bunnies here who really, really want new homes and The Bunny Maker hasn't put them into the shop yet.  She hasn't even given them names!  How unhelpful is that?!  They are very unhappy so we, the bunnies, thought we would find them nice names and a lovely new home too.

Everyone had a big bunny meeting when The Bunny Maker was out shopping and came up with the idea for a give-away.  So these two bunnies are up for the giving, complete with beds and their own bedding!
They are cuddly, well behaved buns and always make their beds in the morning. But they need names.  Yes, they are nameless buns!  So it is over to you ....

If you think you have two great names for these bunnies and would like to give them a much needed home .....

on Facebook and become a fan.
Or click on the link in the sidebar here.
2. Post you two bunny names on the wall or leave them in the comments here if you prefer (but become a fan first!)
3. The closing date is Friday 12th February 2010 at midnight GMT.

4. I, Widget, will pick the best two names from those suggested and the bunnies will have a new home! YAY!  Posting will take place the next day!

If you are already a fan then enter you chosen names in the comments here.

Hey! I thought you two made your beds and kept them tidy!

Please, please don't tell The Bunny Maker about all this!  She is really pleased with the beds and might be a bit cross that they are being given away.  I'll have to tell her soon, but not just yet.

Enjoy the giveaway!

(Psssst! Bunny Maker here - Widget won't be choosing the names, The Bunny Maker's Son Number One will) 



  1. Awwwhh, they are just so adorable!

  2. Sprinkle mcHoppykins!

    btw this is Glamasaurus and I am your fan on facebook already.

  3. Lunar (boy)
    Amada (girl)

    Already a fan on facebook.

  4. already a fan but i think Cranberry(pink) and Bilberry(blue) would be good bunny names... they are brother and sister after all and look like little berry bunnies to me!

    squeeeee so cute! twittering you now!

  5. Twinkle Flopperson and Sparkle Flopperson

  6. Beau for the little boy bunny


    Belle for the little girl bunny

  7. Well, I have two (live) bunnies that would be VERY jealous of those beds, so for their sake, names are Boodle & Beck. :)

    (Fan & friend on Facebook, & @minirhi on Twitter.)

  8. ohhh they're Beautiful!! (^_^) They're bedding is soo cute!

    Im a fan!

    They look like a Sully aand Sukie Sock-hop to me :o)

    Thankyou for throwing such a sweet giveaway Mummy Bunny! =P

    Chloe x

  9. Jazbun for the girl and

    Sambun for the boy

    theyr fab x

  10. Already a fan.. and my picks are:

    Luffy Bun for the pink one

    Gumdrops for the blue :)

  11. Bunny Bunk Beds! They're adorable.

    Nerys x

  12. Im already a fan....they are so cute! i think pip squeak and cherry drop.

    Bec :-)

  13. I was awake in the middle of the night thinking about these bunnies (yes, seriously!) and I 'realised' that their names were:

    Floppidot (blue boy bunny) and
    Heartfelt (pink girl bunny)

    Love and carrots, Jane

  14. Hiya, what cute bunnies and cute beds! Ithink the girl one should be Tilly short for Lady Matilda! and the boy one should be peanut!

  15. already a fan x

    names are twinkle and elder as picked by my 3 year old daughter

  16. I think I was a fan already, but if I wasn't I am now! They're a pair of very lucky bunnies to have such a generous Bunn(k)y bed maker!
    Blue name - Forget-Me-Dot
    Pink name - Anglo Bubble-Bun (showing my age there I think - remember that bright pink bubblegum?!)
    Great fun comp Widget - I guess you'll be getting your own bed soon? x

  17. Hi Anna, I'll try again!
    Gillespie and Maud!
    Tracy x

  18. Denim and Raspberry, for sure!

  19. What a great idea Widget! Hope the bunnymaker isn't too cross with you.

    Gumdrop and Muffin? (Food is always on my mind!!)

  20. great giveaway!, i think snoodles ( blue bunnie) and doodles ( pink bunny)

  21. I am covering all bases - posting this here & there.... I believe they should be called Peace & Love - cause that is what we need more of in this world.

  22. Woke myself up laughing over this but I think their names should be Milly-Molly and Andy. xo

  23. You got a present, you got a present!! You can get it off my blog!!!

  24. Oh those are so sweet! :) Widget, I love how sneaky you are... First the trip to the butchers' and now this! Oh my!
    Well, my ideas for names would have to be Cupid for the pink bunny with the hearts, and Spot On for the blue bunny with the dots. :)
    Have a wonderful...I mean BUNderful Valentine's Day! Hugs & Kisses, BunMum (at Folksy) a.k.a. MimzMum

  25. Very Creative and adorable. Love the bunny-bunkys.
    I like Bucky-for boy bunny and Trixi-for the girl bunny.

  26. Everybody seems to have left their names on here so we will too! We have thought long and hard for new bunny names, and are favourites are....

    Jolly (girl bunny) and Jessup (boy bunny)

    we thought we were already fans, but we weren't! So have quickly become fans!

    from Granny Ruth on Folksy & Twitter!

  27. I've posted on the wall my names fo rthem which are Snoozle and woozle.

    I have crafty blog candy up for grabs oplease fell free to pop by my blog and see how you can win.

  28. Hi

    I think they will have to be called Strawberry Cupcake & BlueBerry Muffin

    Love the beds they are fab!

    Love & Hugs

  29. Have become a fan.

    How about, Blue STARSKY and Heart HUTCH

  30. I'm already a fan. I've had a quick scoot through and am hoping no one else has picked these, but I think

    Snoozybun (boy bunny) and Sleepybun (girl bunny) would be quite fitting.

    Hope you have fun choosing!


  31. What a pair of cuties! I think Loveheart (pink) and Smartie (blue) would be good names.

    Carole x