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Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Bunny Bed Give-Away Rumbled!

Some of you may have seen Widget's blog post about a give-away. He thinks The Bunny Maker doesn't know about it, the silly bun. He's been hogging the laptop and typing away for hours today - and he has been caught taking some photos of the beds earlier too.
Lets not tell him that he's been rumbled just yet!

handmade wooden beds for sock bunnies 

The thing is, Widget can't really chose the names for the bunnies as he can't read that well (luckily he can find spell check!) so it will actually be The Bunny Maker's Son Number One who is to choose the winner.  It is all his fault after all, if it wasn't for his total love of soft toy bunny rabbits all this would never have happened.

You can read all about the giveaway on the bunnies' blog HERE.  Its very simple to enter :D

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