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Saturday, 13 February 2010

AND THE WINNER IS ..........

*drum roll*

Sprinkle McHoppykins and Loveybelle 
- names chosen by Andreanna.

The Bunny Maker's son chose the winning names, aided by one or two bunnies. They kept whispering their favourite choices and tickling his ears with their fuzziness until he told them all there would be NO MORE CARROTS. That shut them up for sure.


It was all a bit of a shambles this morning as we packed up the bunnies with their beds ready for their journey to Switzerland.  The bunnies formed an annoyingly wobbly pyramid to scale the box to help.  It all went bunny-shaped ...


A big broom soon cleared the bunnies out of the way and the parcel was taken to the post office.  Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway - there were 55 entries in total.
A new batch of eight beds has just arrived and they will be painted and put into the shop when The Bunny Maker, the bunnies and the Thnakes get back from their much needed holiday.  "The Bunnies Get Lost in Madeira" will no doubt be the next blog post!


  1. Damn! I'm going to have to buy some now, beds and bunnies, my 7yo was convinced he was a winner!!

    Love the names you chose though....

    Off to check out your shop! x

  2. well I may not have won but i'm still delighted to pass on to you a sunshine award for your blog. please visit me to see how to collect it.
    best wishes