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Sunday, 14 February 2010



Dear Bunny Maker and the Warren,

The Bunnies would like to apologize for taking so long to write, Shy Brown SockBunny hid the camera so they were unable to take pictures for the longest time. Silly Bun. But all 3 did arrive here in Portland, Oregon safely! Shy Brown arrived first, and promptly hid the camera. She didn't want her picture taken for ages.. it took Bat Bun to convince her it was safe. All 4 are settled in... they commandeered the house that had been bought for the 2 real bunnies living here. I took pictures to prove it! They like sitting on the sofa watching movies, and eventually they checked out the real bunnies... Bat Bun had to go first, to show the others it was okay... then they stood there for hours staring at the little black bunny hopping around on the other side of the fence. Who builds fences indoors, anyway? FC, Shy, Purple, and BatBun all wish the best to their friends over in England, and would like to say that it is REALLY nice not having to hop through the snow to get anywhere here in Oregon. Purple is already coming up with plans to get more of their friends over here, especially with the news that bunk beds may be available soon...

Good wishes from the Oregon Bunnies!


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