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Wednesday, 17 February 2010


We have been asked a question - so we will answer! We will indeed....

Hello Mrs Bunny Maker and Widget,

We thought we better let you know that we are all okay and are living happily together here in sunny South Wales . We would like to know whether apart from the warren itself are we the biggest collective of Warrenettes ? later on in the week we might send you a photo of our warren party when we get together with our 4 warren friends from up the road and our 2 who live down the road - as you can tell we are having a really good social life here
Lots of love Loralie,Watson, Wol,Private B and George the Thnake

Thank you so much for sending in such lovely picturesm everyone looks very happy!  I'm sorry to say that you aren't the biggest collective of Warren Bunnies - oh no.  The Farthest Most Northern Division of The Warren is. When that blog post was written only a relative handful of bunnies had gone to live there but, to date, a grand total of 33 bunnies have travelled to Alaska to live with BunMum, and only three we know of have been sent from there to other homes. There are no snakes there though!  
So - The Bunny Maker would like to suggest that you now buy another 28 bunnies pronto, to overtake and then you will indeed be The Largest Collective.  Tee hee. 



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