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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Cheese Logs

If the Bunny Maker can get a new pet then the bunnies can too!. Widget took delivery today of a Cheese Log (Woodlouse!).  The BM liked the packaging almost as the contents.

Cheesy was really glad to get out of his box as Minxtures hadn't put in any air holes, let alone a door or a window!

Cheesy was a little shy and had to be prized out of the confines of his box.  Widget offered to cut him out but bunnies/knives and woodlice don't mix well.
He came out in the end...

The BM said it must be a bit bright for him, having been crammed in a box for a day or two.  Widget made him stand up and pose for an 'arrival photo'.  Cheesy looked very self-conscious.

Widget is now introducing Cheesy to the fish, the other bunnies, the Thnakes, Meerkats, Hotdog Doggies and goodness knows who else who lives at The Warren.
Poor Cheesy, wait until the BM's boys get home!


  1. Cheesy looks like a lovely friend. Make sure you feed him Widget!

  2. He likes to have his tummy stroked! So glad he's found a loving new home.

  3. Errr . .. what do cheese logs eat?