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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Cheesy, Widget and the fight over the curry house.

As you may know already The Warren now has a Cheeselog living at it.  Cheesy came to us from Minxtures on Folksy.  The problems were not with Cheesy himself but with his rather lovely traveling box.... 'The Curry House'.

Ikea Woody Woodlouse (kids are so creative with names) wasn't too sure what to make of Cheesy.  There was a lot of feeling with feelers and eyeballing with eyeballs.  Cheesy sat totally still, not knowing quite what to do.

Woody wanted to know if Cheesy 'would fit'.  Poor Cheesy, being the new boy he had to go along with it.  He was almost totally zipped up.  Luckily Woody can only digest small bits of fruit and didn't look to happy with a fuzzy fellow woodlouse in this mouth.

Widget came  to his rescue, unzipping Woody's mouth and helping Cheesy out.

Whilst all this was going on Murky, Isabow and Meep had moved themselves into 'The Curry House'.  Fed up with being stuck, homeless, on The Bunny Maker's shelf they had staged a sit-in, claiming squatters' rights.

 Cheesy didn't know what to do. Woody lurked.  Widget faffed about worrying.  The BM coaxed the meerkats out.

Widget tired to reason with the meerkats but the were very adamant that 'enough was enough' and it was time for their own home.  The shelf was all very nice, with access to bunny bunk beds and cosy fabrics to lie on, but it as not a proper home.

Murkey and Isabow said that The Curry House was just about perfect and could they have something similiar?  So, this week, the BM is tasked with finding something suitable.  It is on her 'to do' list, which is rather long and she has something VERY important and exciting happening this week ........... (what could that be?).

Murky, Isabow and Meep are made by NiftyKnits and she has lots of others in need of good homes HERE.


  1. This is such a cool blog! Can't wait for the new curry house. All such lucky little fellows!

  2. Widget - you're such a little diplomat. Why don't you go and have a lie down and leave them to bicker amongst themselves - looks like BM's got it covered - you relax. x

  3. Lol sounds like you need a supahero to help you out.

    Just ask oddsox to pass him on when finished with him.