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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Warren gets a message from Mini in Arizona

Dear Widget and Bunnymaker,

Happy day!  Minimum Bun (hereinafter called Mini) and the newly christened Bunnie (never give naming duties to a 2 year old) have made it safely to Arizona, despite all efforts to thwart the journey by Mt.
Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland.  The bunnies, although seemingly hungry, had even saved one last carrot – presumably in case we were unable to open their box in time.

Oh the excitement! The children could not wait to get the box opened.  Once we got the bunnies out, they were promptly snatched by little Rowan, our 2 year old alpha-girl.  Big Seth, our 4 year old, merely got a glimpse. Resigned as such to his sister’s dominance, he said, “Mom, I want a blue one next time” and left her to her love-fest with Mini and Bunnie.  He will have his day.

First thing first  (after kisses of course) – Rowan realized that these bunnies needed a castle to live in at their house.  She promptly built them one. She has not yet gone to architecture school so her castles often need to be renovated.  Attached is a picture of her with Mini and Bunnie at the castle. 

Next, we felt it important to give the bunnies the proper tour.  She immediately got into her ballerina gear, pink patent leather shoes, and jewelry.  She gathered up Mini and Bunnie and away we go. Uh oh, Bunnie!  We’ll get you right side up in no time!

Firstly, the garden.  The bunnies were disturbed to find a lack of ready carrots there in the garden but we quickly explained that we always keep a supply in the refrigerator.  They were appeased. I think the readiness and accessibility of the spinach and sweet peas helped.

Please ignore our unsightly holey spinach – inchworms have snuck in overnight.
Mini had a bit of a look-round and also found something – jellybeans! Go on and dive right in, Mini! 

Finally, after a bike ride, some stories and other adventures (including meeting two unimpressed cats and a snuffly dog who gave them entry to the family’s inner circle), the exhausted bunnies fell asleep with their new best friend.  

Tomorrow – on to new adventures!  

Best wishes, 
The Collie Family

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