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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Happy Socks make Happy Bunnies!

"Widget?", said The Bunny Maker, "what are you doing."
Widget had been staring at the computer for some time, deep in thought. 

"I've found some socks for happy bunnies," he said.
"Widget, its says Socks For Happy People, not bunnies!" chuckled The Bunny Maker, "Silly bun."

Widget was reading was all about Proportional Striped Socks.  It said..
 "The proportional stripe shows the whereabouts of the unruly pennies that have gone missing since the penny was introduced in 1971."

"They are organanic too", he said.
"Organic, Widget", tutted the BM.

"Bunny Maker?", said Widget, with that sort of tone to his voice, "happy socks make happy bunnies, and happy bunnies make happy people, so er, can we get some happy socks to make happy bunnies to make people happy?".


They bought these ones ....

In buying a pair of socks, The Bunny Maker discovered that she was also giving another pair of to a Mongolian street child via the Christina Noble Children's Foundation.  That made her happy too.  She was even happier when the socks arrived the very next day!

She set to work.  Two hours later (or maybe not quite that long) a little bunny, who's turquoise-tipped ears show that £11million worth of pennies are lost in handbags and suitcases, was born.

This is, of course, Happy Bunny.  A happy bunny made from happy socks, from Socks For Happy People ....
That's a whole lotta happiness wrapped up in one little bunny!

sock bunny rabbit

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