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Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Warren gets a fish.

The other day I took Sons 1,2 & 3 to the garden centre to get plants.  As you do.  We came home with a fish bowl, some purple gravel, 2 nice green planty things and a water filter.  This happened because I found one of those old fashioned proper fish bowls on a dusty shelf in the 'Aquatic Centre'.
'Lets get some fish!' I announced to three surprised boys.
What a spontaneous parent I am.  Ha.
The tank was taken home, filter assembled, gravel plumped, water added, plants planted.  Then we had to wait a blooming 5 days!  No instant gratification going on at all.  Gone are the days of plastic bags from the local fair with a sad fish glooming around only to get plonked straight into tap water and left to stagnate.
Nope - it all has to be aerated now, hence the filter.  The water bubbles like a jacuzzi.

This is one of the fish we were allowed to get after waiting 5 days.  Yup, we had to wait for the water to 'do something' first.  He's pretty cute.  Something looks a little familiar don't you think?  He only ever looks up.
I'm quite worried about him, because he looks a bit gloomy.  I worry he should have some toys to play with, but fish don't play with things.  I feel the need to cheer him up.  Every few days we get to drop in a frozen cube of blood worms.  Oh yum.
There are two other fish - a boring gold one and a Stickleback.  The Stickleback puts up his little stickles if you startle him.  The boring gold one does nothing interesting.
Next to the Stick Insects these fish are pretty damn exciting.


  1. he really does look familiar!

  2. wooah, that's a funny looking goldfish - my fish spent the whole time eating each other, I couldn't take replacing them in the end and just had one fat fish that lasted for ages!