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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

We hope Splash doesn't cause a crash!

Splash has found a new home!  Dotties Cards has bought him for her little boy who has just learnt to ride his bike.  He was offered all sorts of incentives to get him going but he chose a sock bunny!  The Bunny Maker is often asked who likes the bunnies the most.  She always answers that it is small boys who like them best.  Small boys between 6 and 12, just the age you would think that football and other things would take precedent over a soft toy rabbit.  You would be wrong indeed - very wrong.  The bunnies seem to sneak into a part of their psyche which people overlook.  The BM has three small boys.  The BM knows about small boys.

sock bunny

Splash is all tucked up in his travelling box and on his way to his new home.  He can't wait to whizz along on a super-fast bicycle, the wind in his ears, nose a-twitching, catching the smells of spring.  Just don't cause a crash, Splash! 


  1. Be careful on that bike Splash!
    He's so cute, I'm sure the boy will love him =)

    Jackie x


  2. I know one small 4yr old boy who loves his 3 bunnies. They go to bed with him every night. :)

  3. Splash has safely arrived in Hampshire. He has been to the beach this afternoon and had a fab time. Said 7 year old's, 10 year old brother wants a red one now and small 2 year old sister a pink one (obviously!)
    Best I don't let them see those gorgeous beds or they will all want one of those too!
    Dottie x