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Monday, 12 April 2010

Meerkat Update.

It's been a while since any news came out about Murky, Isabow and baby Meep.  After their 'on blog' romance, the arrival of their baby Meep and trying to find a new home, everything went quiet.  The recession hit hard for the meerkats and they just couldn't muster enough pennies for a new house so they have had to lodge on The Bunny Maker's shelf in her workroom.

Isabow is getting very fed up as she would like a place of her own.  Nosey Mouse is very nice but she would really like to NOT have to share the place with anyone else.  Meep is getting bigger now and can almost scamper.  He is getting perilously near the edge of those shelves .... Now that spring is here a house will have to be found.

Widget found the below the other day ....

  Pretty scary huh? Nothing like our wonderful Meerkats from NiftyKnits.

The weather has been wonderful lately and the bunnies at The Warren have been spring cleaning, brushing out the dried carrot ends and dust from the ears.  There have been two more new arrivals; Karl, who helped The Bunny Maker out at An Easter Event, and Snake.  Snake just arrived.  He was first spotted sneaking around in the 'after bath' photo of Widget.  Don't know where he came from but it looks like he is here to stay.  He's living in the flowers in The BM's watering can in her workroom..

Karl has been given the new job of 'Carrot Dispenser'. 

He is keeping them all .... er, safe, and promises not to nibble any of them.  They are all for sale in the bunny shop .... the bunnies get hungry in transit, you know!

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  1. I wondered how baby Meep was getting on - how he's grown!