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Friday, 9 April 2010

Bathtime for Widget

He was grubby.  Very grubby about himself.  Especially the bottom of that stinky sleeping bag.  There were no two ways about it, Widget needed a bath.  It has taken a while to find him ....

But found he was. He made a right old fuss about having his ears untied and smelly old sleeping bag removed.  In fact he refused to speak to the Bunny Maker whilst she was making preparations.

It was ugly but she got him in ....

You could be mistaken but isn't that a bunny enjoying himself just a little in the spring sunshine?
After a swooshing and a minor scrubbing Widget was well and truly squeezed out and dried via tea towel.

Then he was laid out for a lovely snoozle in the sunshine - ears outspread.

As the sun went down Widget was still decidedly damp.  Into the airing cupboard with the underpants and school uniform!

Widget, you look lovely!  Your droopy, saggy ear has gone all perky again and Sprout has come home from the Isle of Wight with us too.

Erm, who's snake is that?


  1. you look lovely Widget but fancy having to share with the underpants

  2. See there was no reason to be afraid Widget, cause now you look all beautiful again :)

  3. I think he had a nice time really :-)