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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Widget's Easter Break

As is usual Widget went to the Isle of Wight for Easter. The weather was, for the most part, lovely but he still announced the need for a 'double-socker' to keep out the salty sea spray!  It was all blustery and flustery but Widget loved blowing the dust out of his ears and watching his scarf fly in the wind.

Mr BunnyMaker didn't seem to have the required skills for looking after a small sock rabbit.  Widget regretted the sock at that moment until rescued by a tutting BunnyMaker.

Then he found him.  Buried under the wet pebbles by the water, sticking out was a little green shoot.
"Hello", said Widget.
"Hello", said the shoot, "I'm Sprout.  I've been lost on the beach for months".

Sprout was taken home and given a wash (just in case he'd been in 'something nasty') and he and Widget have been inseparable ever since ....

The beach kept Widget and Sprout amused for ages.  They found Snail, who had come a very long way to find Widget.  He said he read his blog.  Hmmm.

Mr BM wasn't asked to look after Widget again after his last display of disregard and the BM showed him how to care properly for a tired, salty bunny ..... a nice, fleecy pocket.  Nothing better.

Back at The Warren (Isle of Wight HQ) Widget hovered annoyingly waiting to open the Easter chocolate. The BM thought the chicks had something a little menacing about them and told Widget to quit lining them up in that way.

Surprisingly Widget didn't eat that much chocolate.  He said that the outer sock he wore earlier was alarmingly tight and he thought a little stoutness might be occurring.  The BM says its not so much about tightness but more about down right filthiness.
"You need a bath, Widget, and you need it NOW!".

Widget has gone missing.

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  1. sounds like a great adventure. (apart from the threat of a bath)

    Hope Widget materialises soon xx