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Monday, 24 May 2010

A death in the family

 We kept him in the fridge as it was such a hot day.  Sticky the Stickleback was no more.  He died with one little stickle up - a testament to his slightly agitated nature.

I feel that I should say that he was kept in the fridge after he died, not 'kept in the fridge'.  That would have killed him for sure.

We decided a funeral was the right thing to do.  A matchbox was found, sprayed a suitable blue and a small cross cobbled together.  Youngest Son, and owner of said fish, dressed in suitable attire.

A few words were said and Sticky was laid to rest under the oak tree, by the vegetable patch.

Youngest Son was obviously traumatized by the cold, harsh realities of death as he spent quite a while afterwards trying to make red pepper stick in his ears.

It's a funny old life.


  1. aww poor fishy rip in the big pond in the sky :)

  2. Our fish called Wilf is buried in the garden in a Clover butter tub, lined in kitchen roll. R.I.P. Sticky, I hope you meet up with Wilf in 'fishy' heaven x

  3. Glad to see son wore colour co-ordinating goggles for the burial - Sticky would surely be impressed. x

  4. Our Spud cat is buried in the garden under a Choisya bush that mummy bought specially to mark where he is.

  5. We've buried our pets over the years at the beach, I won't say which one because clearly you're not allowed to do that.

    Rest in peace sticky.

  6. you're too funny........nice way to lay sticky to rest - using a bit of your creativity. Thanks for the smile.

    love, violette xo