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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Half term and the crab-fest begins.

I have been alerted by Grandpa Bunnymaker that I have not 'updated the blog' lately so, off we go....

Half term was spent in our usual way, catching a ridiculous number of crabs off the rocks in Seaview, Isle of Wight, using putrid limpits, prized off the rocks with a rusty screwdriver, pierced with bent coat-hanger wire and dangled from sticky, fishy, orange nylon line into the waters of The Solent. With this archaic method we caught 495 of the little beggers.  We are experts.  In the pipeline I have a little guide book to crabbing.  Actually, it's blocked in the pipeline but I will get around to it one day.  Son Number 2 caught the best one to date .... an Eddie!  Four hundred and ninety five boring Shore Crabs and one wonderful Edible Crab.

We didn't eat him - because he's called Eddie and you can't eat things with names.  He wasn't really big enough either and I wouldn't have known what to do with all those crabby parts anyway.  They are hard to catch on a limpit on orange fishing line, hence the greater kudos of the catch.  Edibles lurk under the rocks and let go of the bait if they feel a movement or tug making them very hard to get.  This one just came straight up.  Sweet.

What else?
 The Burrow got a new sign - custom made by Cinnamon and Hill on Folksy.

I'm hoping it will enable me to find my workroom more easily as I haven't been it in much over these last two weeks and keep avoiding the piles of work in there.  The Warren Bunnies and snoozing in the dappled shade with them is a lot more appealing.

What have the fuzzy-butts been up to?

A lot of bunniness, that's for sure.  They both escaped yesterday much to my terror.  I had forgotten to fasten one corner of the lawn run and they'd pushed their nosy noses out and bounced off into the corners of the garden.  Yikes!
You know now they are obsessed with their plastic carrier?  I put it in the middle of the lawn, called "Bunners, Bunners....." and out they both boinged, across the lawn, noses a-twitching in nosiness, and hopped straight into it.  I slapped the door shut and it was 'Gotcha' all round.

I gave in and made World Cup Bunny ...

And met with a very nice lady from the Rabbit Welfare Association because a percentage of every bunny sold will now go to the charity and there were 'things to discuss'. 
The Cloth Store (my part-time day job) has opened a new interior design shop just round the corner from it's Horsham branch, and I have been busy taking pictures for promotional stuff and sorting out some annoying email problems.  The shop looks wonderful .....

I'm finally catching up ......


  1. love the new look. Glad to hear that the bunnies were out for too long. We had wired on the bottom of our lawn run because a bunny we had managed to dig a little hole and escape.

    Gardiner bunny sends hugs all round. She has been busy supervising the allotment

  2. I love reading your blog it always cheers me up. You bunnies are lovely, I used to have 5 but they have all died now:( but the lived long and happy lives, digging holes in the lawn for us to trip in when running round to catch them after they escaped....They were cunning.