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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Thock Thnake Newth.

Up until now it is only the bunnies who have sent in news to The Warren so we were all very chuffed when this arrived in their inbox....

Sharing cereal?  Being spoon fed?  Cuddles?  Now all the Thnakes want new homes!!  There are some very lonely ones waiting in the Bunny Shop on Folksy.  They would like to say that they are really very soft, cuddly and not at all rude or noisy. 

sock snake toy

Above, displaying his marvelous purple tongue, is Thargeant Eth Thnake Reconnaissance Division, a very loving Thnake and desperate for love........

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  1. What a fine figure of a man my son is! Bless Him! Thtwipy and Oscar are inseparable and Oscar says his favourite foods are lizards and porridge. (Not sure there are many lizards round these parts)We will keep you updated with more thnake news over the summer.