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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Sock Bunny News: The Oregon 12.

The largest number of bunnies from The Warren are living in Alaska, 33 in total have winged their way across the Atlantic to live there.  Second to this are the Oregon Bunnies and we have have just had some news in from them! 
 "It has been a long time since the latest bunny arrived here in Oregon, by the little sillies kept hiding the camera! There are now 12, yes 12, bunnies living here full time, with 2 here temporarily before they head off to a new home. There have been 16 little Sock Bunnies through this house now, and the bunch keeps begging me for more of their friends to come to stay. We shall see... their basket is getting full! 

sock bunnies in basket

The bunnies all say hi to you and their friends back in the UK. 
Best wishes overseas!"

I'm sure there is a little more room in that basket!  The Bunny Maker has just add some new bunnies to the shop too today .... Have a little visit to the Widget and Friends Sock Bunny Shop. 
Don't forget that the bunnies are on Etsy too, right here >>> Sock Bunnies on Etsy 

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