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Monday, 5 July 2010

Sock Bunny Selling at Winchester Handm@de

 Yesterday we all trollied off to Winchester Handm@de to set up the Movable Meadow to find some very excited bunnies new homes.
I have a new top.  It's a very nice top and I have worn it three times.  It is white and linen.  You know what's going to happen.  First wearing, at a lovely summer party, I slopped red wine down it whilst demonstrating how the 'Bucking Sheep' operator was flicking the controls to buck people off.  Second wearing, bolognaise.  Third wearing, yesterday, coffee, all down the front.  It is now my 'Accident Top'.  So, looking stained, I self-consciously worried that people thought I was scummy .
I met lots of nice people who said they knew me 'online'.  I'm terrible with faces and names so I apologise if I had that blank yet flustered look.  Out of my comfort zone and stained does not make for good, confident first impression giving!
I made some carrots....

The Thnakes got accused of being draft excluders. Can you imagine?!  They were very indignant and started to get a bit rude to some customers.  I had to tell them off and tie a couple of their tongues together to stop them hissing (sorry, hithing) at people.

I bought three Bandit Bunnies from Flora's Hen House ...

 ..and sold lots and lots of sock bunnies.  I had a Tub Trug full, now it is half full.
I was also given a very lovely picture, drawn by a very pretty girl in lovely, summery dress. It was the nicest thing.

Due to lots of bunnies sales Widget got to put quite a lot of money into the Rabbit Welfare Association pot - 10% goes to them.  Lots of people picked up leaflets and I met a very nice lady, with her own bunnies, and we had a long chat about bunniness.

All in all I had fun, the snakes sulked (as usual), my top was dirty (again), I mumbled apologies for not recognizing people and my copious hair got in the way (ho hum)  but lots of sock bunnies round new homes, and that, basically is what it is all about.


  1. Mary is glad that you liked the picture and she was very happy to see it here. She loves your bunnies and snakes.

    She has a bunny that she bought from Winchester last year.

  2. draft exthcluders?! pah! poor thnakes... lol

    i was one of those 'ooh i know you online' peeps, lol, was lovely to meet you. and your stand looked amazing with that fabulous grass!

    maisy x