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Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Bunny Maker or The Monster Maker?

The Bunny Maker suddenly had an urge.  It all started when she shrank her nicest top in the wash.

Tank Designs on Lasso The Moon (they do adult sizes!)

It was from Tank Designs and made of lovely Merino wool, which, incidentally, needs a nice cool wash, not slapped in the machine with the school polo shirts at 80 degrees!  It came out very small and perfect for a 2 year old girl!

She took it out of the machine, took one look, and though 'Oh No!" and then "OOO I can make a monster out of it!".  So she did.

Snortle Monster

Now, The Bunny Maker has discovered that Monsters have very cute personalities and it's going to be hard to part with them.  She has made some others too ..

Tatty Monster

 Big Red Hugger Monster

Now she's not sure what to do with them.  The house is filled with such things.  Should she put them into the shop? 

(If you want to get hold of The Bunny Maker, you'll find her in her wardrobe, looking for old jumpers .... and heading for the washing machine!)